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Feminine Leadership

For BIGGER IMPACT & Sustainable Groth

Personal Branding Style, Self-Confidence & Leadership Coaching

Develop World-Class & IMPACTFUL Skills


Master the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving your desired goal.


Transfer your best skills and knowledge to other people so that they can grow within their careers or businesses.

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Create an ICONIC Personal Branding Style to 10x Your Impact, Influence & Income

Public Speaking

(Re)claim your voice to speak up unapologetically and persuasively in your life and work.

- About -

Queen Soheir is a Leadership Mentor & Businesswoman – Featured multiple times on ABC, CBS, FOX, The Herald, and more!

Through Self-love, NLP & Human Design teachings, backed with +10 years in business, She helps women of any faith who want to embody Self-Confidence to Master The ART Of Feminine Leadership. 

Leading them on how to harmonize their energetics so that they can transcend the boundaries of what is possible for them in their professional and personal lives. 

How I Can Help

I would highly recommend her for her people skills Queen genuinely cares about helping other people achieve their best and has always motivated me when I need it the most. I look forward to working with her for many years and I do believe that anyone who follows her advice will succeed in all areas of life self respect and self healing and Love!
Eda O*****l
Galway, Ireland
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