Queen Soheir Universe

Be & Live Your Soul's Purpose Of Feminine Ambitions,

Let's Make YOUR Dream
Life Career Come True!

My Universe is A Sacred Space

Where Your Soul’s Highest Potential

Becomes Your Reality!


That ambitious dream in your heart is not there by accident.

It was placed there by God Himself for YOU to carry out onto this world

You were born to be a QUEEN👑, And It’s time to bring out your UNIQUE SUPERPOWERS into this world!


Any Of These Sounds Like You?

My name is Queen!

I’m A Soul Purpose Motivational Speaker & Businesswoman.

I’m OBSESSED with helping women reach their Highest Potential. 

I believe that Self-Love is the secret to building a better world

My life’s purpose is to guide my fellow women of any faiths on breaking generational curses around:

Through healing with self-love so they can start living in God’s abundance & fully live the their own purposes.

I believe in Making Dreams Become REALITIES.

I believe in God’s miracles. I believe in energy. And I believe in YOU & that big, scary, amazing dream of yours. 

So let’s do this together!

Let’s transform your career & life into a reality that sparks your PASSION ❤️‍🔥

It will be SO MUCH fun, pinky promise!🥂

queen soheir

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