Hey, I'm Queen!

I often challenge my clients to introduce themselves without using their titles, professions or even names. This is the very best and singular way to convey what your soul’s energy feels like. And in the same spirit, here’s mine, according to my Human Design.

" I'm ALL about taking bold & ambitious actions and manifesting the sh!!!t out of them. "

I’m a Pure Generator 3/5 Right Angle Cross Law 4. 

My defined centers are Ajna, Throat, Heart, Sacral, Root, and Spleen.

On my Conscious Sun | My main Archetype:

The Magician is a master manifestor and represents the essence of creation: creative power and the moment where IDEAS become THINGS. She reminds us that manifestation takes courage, effort, concentration and discipline. The Magician also wants us to find the joy in the process of creation, very much reminding us that it’s not just about the destination, but about the journey and all the lessons and knowledge we acquire along the way.

The Magician knows how to create structures where magic can happen within. 

I’m ALL about taking action and manifesting the shit out of them.

👏🏻 Manifestation 👏🏻 IS NOT 👏🏻 magic!

 It’s not a passive thing. All that New Age spiritual bypass ideology of “thinking it into existence” kind of misses the fact that we have to 👏🏻 TAKE 👏🏻 ACTION👏🏻

Abolishing & Transcending Inner Limitations is one of my my God-Given Gifts. And when I work with my clients, I'm able to help them transcend theirs so that they achieve things they never thought were even possible for them

On my South nodes (What I have mastered): The Sensual Archetype.

This archetype represents the love of the body. It’s an amazing gift to experience existence through the senses of the physical body.  

Her delight is the sense of freedom that emerges from her appreciation of the richness of being alive on this Earth.

This archetype is sensuous, earthy, and intuitive. The Sensual is deeply connected with the wind and the waters of Earth. She perceives life through her senses and is wholeheartedly committed to the experience of embodiment and love. She is mysteriously attractive on a deeply physical level, as though life itself is somehow amplified within her.

The Peacemaker cultivates internal equanimity, emotional awareness, and responsibility to bring balance into life. She can dissolve barriers to peace and knows precisely when it’s time to act and speak transparently from her heart.

The Peacemaker naturally brings an emotional maturity to every situation, knowing that many things in life are emotionally driven and not rational. People feel her wisdom, strength, and vulnerability and therefore open up to her— her presence has the power to shift the energy and move everyone present into calmness and harmony.


This is precisely the energy I offer, and that you can tap into when in my presence.


Did you know that only less than 13% of the world’s population has a defined Heart center like me?

This defined center is the reason why I believe that Pleasure & Abundance are my Birthrights. If yours is undefined, I have a great news for you, this energy is SUPER CONTAGIOUS! If you’re ready for it…

In my Mercury (Communication Style) The Gridworker’s genius is to read others and I can literally smell the truth. I can feel if you are in alignment with your own soul fractal. Much like the Maestro (my unconscious Sun) I can sense which gifts, skills and potentials each person adds to the synarchy.  

So if you need guidance to find your natural gifts and purpose,

I’m the woman you’ll want to spend some time around.

In my Saturn (Energy keeping me focused) The best thing about the Hypnotist is that by inducing a trance-like state, she helps people use their subconscious mind to change behavioral patterns or ways of thinking.

She has the skill to trick you into loving yourself and believing in yourself.

So I hope that you’re ready to be

Tricked & Treated


What clients say

Soheir is excellent at what she does. I’m in her Facebook group and the information and meditations she puts in there are so helpful!

April B***n

Granby, Connecticut

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