feminine leadership coach Queen soheir

I'm Queen!

I often challenge my clients to introduce themselves without using their titles, professions or even names. This is the very best and singular way to convey what your soul’s energy feels like. And in the same spirit, here’s mine, according to my Human Design.

I’m a Pure Generator 3/5 Right Angle Cross Law 4.

This means that I’m the type of woman who learns by practicing things until I master them; and then mentors others how to skip the mistakes I made to fast-track their results.

I have a natural ability to blend both feminine and masculine energies within and in everything that I do.

My main Archetype: Gene Key 60 – “The Magician”

I know how to create structures where real change can happen within. 

I’m naturally gifted with POTENT creative powers that allow me to materialize ideas into reality through TAKING  ACTION, courage, effort, concentration, and discipline. 

I LOVE making things FUN, helping you find joy in the process of creation. 

Success is not just about the destination, but about the journey and all the lessons and knowledge, you get to acquire along the way.


Abolishing & Transcending Inner Limitations is one of my God-Given Gifts.

I will help YOU transcend your own limitations

so that you achieve things you never thought 

were even possible for you.


Did you know that only less than 13% of the world’s population has a defined Heart center like me?

This defined center is the reason why 

I believe that Pleasure & Abundance are my Birthrights. 

If yours is undefined, I have a great news for you, this energy is SUPER CONTAGIOUS

If you’re ready for it…

I naturally “read” people and I can literally smell the truth. 

Which gives me the ability to feel if you are in alignment with your own soul fractal. 

I sense which gifts, skills and potentials you add to the world.

So if you need guidance to find your natural gifts and purpose,

I’m the woman you’ll want to spend some time around.


I helps people use their subconscious mind to change 

behavioral patterns or ways of thinking.

So basically, I have the talent to make you fall in love and believe in yourself.

Which are both ESSENTIAL to develop POTENT LEADERSHIP skills.

Are You READY for this? ❤️‍🔥

How All Of This Translates Into Your Life

Before Working With Me

After Working With Me

What clients say

Queen is excellent at what she does. I’m in her Facebook group and the information and meditations she puts in there are so helpful!

April B***n

Granby, Connecticut


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