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Hello, My Name Is Queen,

The main thing that made me fall in love with Human Design is how it puzzled together all the pieces of me in an order that made perfect sense.

After years of studying human psychology and behaviors, I’m a very self-aware woman and I certainly didn’t need Human Design to tell me who I am. HOWEVER!

I had been experiencing deep and strong pushes & pulls.
This extreme duality within me has led me to misunderstand certain parts or prioritize some sides of me while despising others.
Judging those aspects of myself and beating myself up because of them.
I always knew that this was an issue for me because I wanted SO BADLY to reach a point of complete synergy.

Where all the parts of me were loved and supported.
That’s what Human Design did for me.
It helped me understand how those parts of me that I didn’t understand were playing a crucial role in making me, me.

How my “human sides” (aka “flaws”) were there to support and make my best sides stronger and more beautiful.

Dropping all the “shoulds” and deconditioning myself.

These were the missing pieces that I didn’t know I needed to reach complete inner peace 💝

I can’t express the depth of love I feel about how God created me. And to Him be the glory 🙌🏽.

I always said self-love is the most genuine proof of Faith, and it was only after diving deep into Human design that I have been able to grasp the depth of this truth 🙌🏽

We TRULY, truly, truly are “wonderfully made” 💝🙌🏽

I do NOT want to be anyone else. I have stopped comparing myself to others. And I take time each god-gifted day to honor myself and praise my Lord for this.

Synergy is a business term that means the gathering of the best of all the parties involved in something.

That’s where I bring my clients to. A point where they too see, appreciate, and LOVE every part of how they were so wonderfully made.
Not for vanity but to build a next level of self-confidence that I call GodFidence.

The type of confidence that NOTHING can break because it’s rooted in faith in the most High 🙌🏽💝

No job or relationship title or situation will take away.
NOTHING at all.

The type of confidence that generates the COURAGE to go after what you truly want in life.

And that NOBODY can hinder. Ever.

I truly want that for you because it’s SO liberating 😍

It’s a living paradigm where you NEVER need someone else’s approval or validation for anything.

And again, I REALLY Want that for you.

what Is human Design?

If You Haven't Been Introduced To IT Yet...

Science Meets Spiritual

Your Human Design is your personality and energetic blueprint, based on your precise date, location, and time of birth.

It overlaps different ancient esoteric, quantum physics, biochemistry, genetics, and psychological personality archetypes.

It teaches us the laws of diversification, bringing forth the POWERFUL wisdom of how uniquely created is each human being.

It also reveals your purpose and your natural God-given gifts.

My Clients Results

“…I’m excited to play around... I’ve really gained this confidence and trust in myself, which I haven’t really felt before… It shifted how I’ve been showing up in my life and my business – I can see how I’ve stopped second-guessing myself and doubting my every move...


– Jostine B – Philipines

” it literally just gives me permission to be me, to be who I naturally am, and I think that we are so conditioned that I think that deep down we know that we are this way, but then when I read the report it gave me permission to be that way. It just helped me decondition myself even more, and to trust that inner knowing. That’s what sold me on HD, cuz I’ve had an astrology reading done professionally and this – report- has helped me TEN TIMES more than the astrology reading! And I’m not even done! This report is something that I re-read anytime and always find more and that’s what I love about it


– Clara B – Colorado, USA

Your art, talents, and skills are a form of YOU worshiping and glorifying God. Doing what you were created for is SERVICE to your community. Don't put it last.


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