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What Is Hypnosis?

This is a changed state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for improved focus and concentration. It also is called hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis usually is done with the guidance of a practitioner using verbal repetition and mental images. During hypnosis, most people feel calm and relaxed. Hypnosis typically makes people more open to suggestions about behavior changes.

Hypnosis can help you gain control over behaviors you’d like to change. It may help you cope better with anxiety or pain. Although you’re more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you don’t lose control over your behavior during a hypnosis session.

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A Walk-Through Of

Our Sessons

Your History & Goals

Reviewing your background to understand what got you to where you are at today, and your goals.

Self-Hypnosis Exercise

to help you get prepared and familiar with entering and leaving the state of trance before our session.

Hypnosis Practice

Where the real "magic" will happen. I will guide you into a comfortable trance state where you will be able to communicate directly with your subconscious mind and install your desired behaviors.

Self-Hypnosis Maintenance

A custom-made audio self-hypnosis with your preferred goals to help you maintain your results. (Available on the triple sessons package only)

Your questions answered


Actually, hypnosis is good for you. It helps you relax and access inner resources to make deep and lasting positive changes in your life.

LOL, I really wish! But Hypnosis is just a skill, and the more skilled the hypnotist, the more amazing they appear to be.

But anyone can learn hypnosis if they acquire the right skill set.

Actually the opposite is true. The more you can concentrate and focus on a single thought or idea, the more you’ll get out of a hypnosis session.

There’s no “mind control” during hypnosis. It simply enables you to access your unconscious mind. And if you don’t want to be hypnotized,

you can’t be, no matter who tries to do it.

During hypnosis, you enter a trance, which is simply a relaxed state you enter several times a day on your own.

You get to (re)connect with the deepest parts of your subconscious and it feels like the most peaceful sensation of coming home to yourself.

Which is what I love about it the most.

Showing up more confidently in your life, business/career/public speaking gigs etc.

If you’ve tried everything to make you feel more self confident but no matter what you do, no matter how many courses you take you end up going back to your old self/habits

If you’ve been forcing yourself to adopt a new habit and still struggling with being consistent with it

Or stop a negative habit such as over eating or smoking 

If you’re ready to a brand new life start, where “struggling” is a thing from the far past then hypnosis is perfect for you!

The values I live by

Personal Development

I’m OBSESSED with learning and improving myself on an ongoing basis. And that’s how I have been able to achieve amazing results in my personal and private life. Leading my clients by example.

Excellence, Integrity & trust.

The opposite of average. I believe that it’s very important to master my specialties to the point of excellence. Offering nothing but the best level of service for my clients. 


I’m all about taking ACTION and starting new with a student mentality. Dropping the fear of looking ridiculous and other kinds of self-judgments. Only then we can reach amazingness.


Innovating to improve my community. Leading by example. Doing the necessary inner work so that I get to follow my natural pulls toward what I know I’m meant to do. As opposed to looking for external validation or giving in to social pressures.

An overview of the packages I offer

Self-Hypnosis Audio

199 $
  • ***
  • Custom Made audio Self-Hypnosis to help you reach one specific goal

Single Hypnosis Sesson

250 $
  • Virtual Private session to help you reach a few specific goals

Triple Hypnosis Package

997 $
  • 3 Virtual Private sessions to help you reach more specific goals
  • post-session custom self-hypnosis audio track