feminine leadership coach Queen soheir

I mentor Ambitious Professional Women 

who want to strengthen their Self-Confidence &

Feminine Leadership skills for BIGGER impact and growth.

You are in the RIGHT PLACE if…

You’ve tried self-confidence related courses and group programs and have created results in your career, business, or life. 

But you’ve been craving the personalized attention of a 1:1 coach because you know deep inside that is what will unlock your full potential.

Before Working With Me

After Working With Me

Select Your Desired Experience

Fast-Pass 1:1

UNLIMITED Voxer Q&A Experience
$ 1,111
  • 2 weeks-long Experience with business hours


Retreat Experience
$ 1,999 monthly
  • HIGH touch & close proximity 1:1 mentoring with In-person mini-retreat experience


Mini-mind Experience
$ 5,555
  • 90 days-long HIGH touch mini group coaching experience