OverFlow Ascending

This Is Where You Stop Chasing & Start ATTRACTING

Handcraft a reality where you no longer have to waste your time and energy pleasing everyone around you to feel loved and respected.

Feel Whole, Confident, Free, and HAPPY.

>>> We’ll start with working on your self-love and any mental blocks and childhood traumas that keep you putting yourself last on your to-do lists.

>>> We’ll do the deepest work to re-wire your brain on feeling worthy of ALL of your desires.

>>> We’ll (re)connect you with your inner intuition and guide you to recognize God’s whispers from the chaos.

>>> We’ll build your self-confidence rooted in your uniqueness and in who God has created you to be. Your Godfidence will be FULLY ACTIVATED!

>>> We’ll inject FUN and excitement into your daily life through baby-step challenges, and much, MUCH more!!!

Because NOW, is the time to make YOU happy.

Are YOU Ready?

I highly recommend her for her people skills Soheir genuinely cares about helping other people achieve their best and has always motivated me when I need it the most I look forward to working with Soheir for many years and I do believe that anyone who follows Soheir’s advice will suceed in all areas of life, self-respect and self-healing and Love

Eda O****l – Galway, Ireland

Let’s Make YOU Happy.



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We Start YOUR Ascension!


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