Queen By Design

$1,111.00 for 1 year


Queen By Design

is a very special yearly membership.

And SO much more than this!

It’s a FULLY immersive healing experience.


I walk you, through a journey of self-discovery,

based on Human Design experiments,

that are geared toward helping you

genuinely fall in love with who YOU are.

Imagine this

you are walking in a park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Feeling completely carefree, and looking forward to the rest of what the day holds

And while you are walking you can’t help but smile at how content you are feeling.

Being fully immersed in the present moment of your day.

The past or the future doesn’t cross your mind at all…

Right into the moment is where the pure essence of your joy lives.

I want to see you enjoy your

days completely carefree living for YOU.

I want you to feel beautiful again and in charge, like the queen you are!

I want to see you go after your dreams without feeling like you don’t deserve them!

That would be the end result of immersing yourself into my Queen By Design Healing Experience.

But you have to want it too,

I can only take you as far as you let me

So it’s your choice to BREAK FREE from the shackles of unworthiness and people-pleasing that are weighing you


I have been through the trenches of emptiness, and self-doubt, questioning my worthiness

Allowing others to determine how I feel about myself.

I’ve been gaslit and had my wants and needs completely neglected to the point of feeling like

there is no way up from here…

Thanks to healing and the methods, I am going to show you how you can also go from:

>>> Struggling with accepting yourself to looking at yourself and thinking

Damn! I’m too good to be true! I freakin’ LOVE myself!!!!” and believe it to your core.

>>> Walking to work and feeling powerfully confident to call the shots!

>>> Going on dates or events thinking “what if I don’t like them?” instead of “what if they don’t like me?”

>>> If something isn’t good enough for you, walk away without having to explain yourself or feel guilty for saying No to it.

It’s time for you to believe in yourself again and reach for the stars!

Self-love is THE core foundation of a successful life.

The quality of your relationships, career, and money, mental, and physical health, are ALL dependent on YOUR level of self-esteem and love.

Elevating your sense of self-image will elevate ALL of your surroundings.

Where do YOU desire to be ONE year from now?

I invite you into the most exciting and deeply healing journey of becoming a Queen By Design.


Contact us to set up a payment plan of 12 monthly $111 

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