Welcome To My Universe!

This is A Sacred Space For Healing & Where Your Soul’s Highest Potential Becomes Your Reality!🪄 

You were born to be a QUEEN, And It’s time to bring out your UNIQUE SUPERPOWERS into this world!

Break Up With People Pleasing
Start Living From Inner Love, Joy & Fulfilment.

I want to see you enjoy your days completely carefree living for YOU.

I want you to feel POWERFUL again and in charge, like the Queen YOU are!

I want to see you go after your dreams without feeling like you don’t deserve them!

That would be the end result of immersing yourself into my 

Queen By Design Healing Experience.

I’ll take you onto an 
incredibly deep self-discovery journey 
and you’ll come out of it 
CONFIDENT AF in your abilities and talents.  
You’ll drop any need to prove yourself.
In the deepest knowledge that YOU too are VALUABLE and ready to achieve things that You never even thought you could manifest in your 3D reality.

This very special, 6 months-long membership, is a FULLY immersive healing experience designed to help you genuinely fall in love with who YOU are.

My very unique MULTI-DIMENSIONAL approach ensures that we tackle ALL of your deepest areas that require healing.

We clear the shadows and heal any traumas that are weighing you down, through ELEVEN modalities!

  • Hypnotherapy,
  • NLP,
  • Tapping,
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
  • Breathwork,
  • Journaling,
  • Human Design (minus the “fortune-telling” part of it)
  • Last but not least, Faith.

This is an ABSOLUTE ONE-OF-A-KIND HOLISTIC approach that won’t leave you having to figure out how to put pieces of these different modalities together on your own!

If you feel called, AND READY

Join this WONDERFUL immersive and life-CHANGING experience NOW.

*This Price Increase Will To $3,333 In The Coming Days*


Instead of $597 monthly

Experience Features:

  • 6 months-long duration
  • Monthly Live Q&A
  • Unlimited replays
  • Human Design reading report
  • Surprise guests, and many more…

There are no refunds. You are responsible for your payment plan commitment until completed.